Welcome to my blog. Here you will find articles and tutorials on how to use synths and create sounds. I plan to use a lot of freeware synths to demonstrate these concepts, so you can follow the tutorials on this site without having to buy any particular synth.

The synths that I use are mainly freeware. The only commercial synth I use is Imageline’s Sytrus.

I don’t consider myself an expert in synth programming by any means. I guess the title of the blog should make that amply clear. I’m just a student. I’m still learning. It’s just that I have been through portions the learning curve myself, and I’ve used a lot of information available on the internet to get where I am. And I want to give back. And hopefully, whatever I publish here will be of help to folks new to synth programming.

It is one thing to learn what the knobs on the synths do. And entirely another to know how to turn the knobs to get the sounds you want. There is abundance of tutorials on the former. But very few of the latter.

Which is why all the sound creation tutorials on this site will start off with a sound that will be the final result. This will then be created using freeware synths step by step.

I am open to hearing comments and suggestions from the experts, who are more knowledgable than me (if you happen to be reading this).

Okay, let’s make some sounds!


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